Tuesday, March 12, 2013

25th Death in 2013

Today the man accused of driving under the influence and causing the death of a 15-year-old boy went to court. Arturo Castillo appeared in court and denied being under the influence when a deadly crash occurred on Saturday. Robert Brown, age 15, was a passenger of Castillo's and was killed in the crash that occurred near Rainbow and Lake Mead. Unfortunately, Mr. Brown's death was the 25th death in Metro's jurisdiction in 2013.

According to the KSNV My News3, bail was set at $250,000. The prosecution requested five additional days to prepare the complaint against Mr. Castillo. Mr. Castillo denies being under the influence but the police report indicates that he admitted to smoking marijuana and drinking beers. He also allegedly failed a field sobriety test and preliminary breathalyzer.

While Mr. Castillo will face criminal charges, he may also face a civil lawsuit by the family of Robert Brown for wrongful death. People or families that have suffered injuries or loss of a family member due to the fault or bad acts of another may be entitled to compensation.

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