Thursday, April 11, 2013

Las Vegas Police Appeal Wrongful Death Lawsuit

According to Fox 5 Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has appealed a federal judge's decision to allow the case to move forward after denying the Department's motion for summary judgment. The appeal will have the likely affect of delaying the trial for at least a year while the case moves to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, California. The plaintiff and her attorney describe the appeal as a delaying tactic by the Department in the hopes that they will simply give up their case, but the plaintiff and her attorney said they have no plans to drop their lawsuit. The full Fox 5 article is available here

The wrongful death lawsuit stems from an incident in September 2009 where former Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officer Derek Colling shot and killed 15 year old Tanner Chamberlain as Tanner grasped his mother in a headlock while holding a knife. Tanner suffered from bipolar disorder and was having a bipolar episode at the time. Tanner's mother, Evie Oquendo, repeatedly shouted at Officer Colling begging him not to shoot her son, but Colling ignored her pleas and shot Tanner in the head, killing him instantly. Officer Colling who already had one fatal shooting prior to this incident was later fired from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department after severely beating a man for video taping officers in his yard. The video tape incident is available here:

The Department later recommended a $100,000.00 settlement to the man who former Officer Colling beat in the video. This lawsuit and several more like it come on the heels of several high profile incidents involving the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. The Department has been embroiled in numerous controversies where it has engaged in questionable shootings and used excessive force against arrestees or suspects.

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