Friday, March 8, 2013

CDC Issues New Warning Regarding Meningitis Outbreak

This week the Center for Disease Control issued a new warning regarding the meningitis outbreak that occurred approximately six months ago when the New England Compounding Center (NECC) shipped thousands of steroids contaminated with fungus. The issue is that the fungus is slow growing and thousands of patients who were previously cleared are now becoming ill.

14,000 individuals were infected with the tainted steroids. Thousands of those were cleared in October 2012 but now many of those individuals are turning up sick. Thus, the CDC issued a warning that individuals who were previously cleared should again be checked.

Sixty Minutes is airing a special regarding the distribution of these tainted drugs. NECC was able to distribute the drugs without oversight from the Food and Drug Administration because it was a compounding pharmacy. This means that it was supposed to create the drugs for an individual and not mass produce medicines. However, in this special, an employee reveals that NECC was distributing medicines to hospitals and clinics knowing that the lists of names were fraudulent because they contained such names as "Homer Simpson" or "Jane Doe."

48 individuals have lost their lives due to the tainted drug. Over 700 individuals have become ill and are suffering great pain in trying to fight the meningitis.

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