Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Video Shows Alleged Police Brutality

A Chicago woman is suing the police department for nearby Skokie Village after she suffered serious facial injuries while in police custody. 

After being arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence Mrs. Cassandra Feuerstein was taken to the local jail for booking. A video taken at the scene depicts Mrs. Feuerstein being led to the door of a jail cell just before she was violently shoved from behind by a uniformed officer. The male officer shoved Mrs. Feuerstein with such force that the 110 pound woman was flung completely across the cell and into the concrete bench. The video shows Mrs. Feuerstein's face striking the bench after which she is seen lying motionless on the ground for several seconds. When she raises her head blood is seen pouring from her face and pooling on the floor before officers return to assist her. Mrs. Feuerstein allegedly required facial reconstruction surgery for her injuries, including the installation of a metal plate in her head. The full video is available here (warning, the video is extremely graphic and viewer discretion is advised): 

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