Friday, October 19, 2012

Sunscreen Recall after Reports of Users Catching Fire

Banana Boat Sunscreen has recalled its UltraMist sunscreen product after reports that five individuals throughout the United States and Canada have caught fire after applying the sunscreen. There are nearly two dozen formulations of the sunscreen that are being pulled off the shelves and Banana Boat is  instructing people to not use the UltraMist products.

According to the Las Vegas Sun, more than 20 million units of the sunscreen have been sold. According to USA Today, approximately a half-million bottles of sunscreen have been recalled. Thus, there is still a possibility that more people could be injured by this product. The error appears to be with the spray valve with over applies the product. Thus, after applying the product takes longer to dry and if the user comes into contact with a flame or a spark while the product is still wet, the product will ignite and the person will catch fire.

This is a voluntary recall by Banana Boat. Banana Boat has informed the Food and Drug Administration of this voluntary recall.

If you have any Banana Boat UltraMist product, please stop using it as the potential danger is severe. If you have any questions, the manufacturer can be reached at 1-800-SAFESUN.

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