Friday, October 12, 2012

Meningitis Outbreak Gives Rise to a Lawsuit

As we previously blogged, a meningitis outbreak has occurred in this country. This is a serious national health concern that may affect local citizens in Nevada.

As reported this morning, a lawsuit has been filed related to the nearly 14,000 people could have been given pain injections tainted with meningitis. The outbreak of meningitis began last month with most of the victims appearing in Tennessee.  There have been 14 deaths related to this outbreak and the number of infected people is quickly increasing. As reported by Reuters, 32 people were reported infected on Wednesday and 169 on Thursday.

This outbreak is a national concern. Senator Richard Blumenthal has called for an investigation into the company who provided the injections. In fact, the senator is calling for a criminal investigation into the New England Compounding Center of Massachusetts, the company purportedly responsible for the injections. The New England Compounding Center of Massachusetts has issued a recall of all of its products on October 6, 2012. The company has also suspended its operating license and is cooperating with investigators.

According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the tainted injections were shipped to 23 states. 11 states have confirmed cases of meningitis (Idaho, Florida, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, and Virginia). There have been deaths in six states. The medical community and federal government are still attempting to contact approximately 2000 people who received tainted injections and need to be tested immediately. Most of the patients received the injections for back pain, but now it is being discovered that these injections were also used for joint pain injections to places such as the knee or ankle.

Dr. Todd Weber of the CDC stated "We are not out of the woods yet[.]" At least 50 vials of the 17,000 that were produced have already been confirmed as infected. Furthermore, people can begin displaying symptoms within two weeks, but it may take several months.

It appears that the compounding pharmacy that provided this medication was violating state laws. Compounding pharmacies typically provide products that are not commercially available. According to the Massachusetts Department of Health, the New England Compounding Center of Massachusetts violated state law by doing large scale production of the steroids which are tainted.

A woman in Minnesota filed a lawsuit yesterday in relation to the outbreak. She received an injection and is now experiencing meningitis-like symptoms.

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