Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Unwanted Anal Cavity Searches

Perhaps most colonoscopies are unwanted, but people should not be forced through traumatic anal cavity searches at the hands of local law enforcement without substantial probable cause. Yet, that is just what appears to have happened to multiple individuals.

As reported yesterday on the Las Vegas Criminal Defense Blog, a man has filed a lawsuit against law enforcement for violation of his civil rights because he was forced to undergo 8 separate and invasive anal cavity searches ranging from x-rays to colonoscopy because police claimed he was "clenching his buttocks." Now today it is being reported that another individual suffered a similar fate. For more information click here.

Every person has a right to not be subjected to excessive force by law enforcement. Police are there to protect the citizens; not to harm them. Certainly being forced to multiple invasive anal cavity searches is excessive force, but there are many other things that would qualify as well.

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