Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Energy Drinks Reportedly Linked to Deaths

It was recently reported by the Marquette Tribune that certain energy drinks have been linked to multiple hospitalizations and several deaths (the full article is available here).  According to a report released by the Food and Drug Administration, the popular energy shot known as "5-Hour Energy" has been linked to 33 hospitalizations and 13 deaths (the full report from the FDA is available here).  The FDA report also names Monster and Rockstar energy drinks (which are marketed to the public as dietary supplements) as being linked to health problems in numerous cases across the United States. Common side affects noted by patients were flushing, increased heart rate, vomiting, heart attack, cardiac arrest, convulsions and death.  The report was careful to note that the incident reports made to the FDA sometimes contain incomplete information such as whether the individuals suffered from other medical conditions such as heart disease.  

The reports of possible side affects relating to the use of energy drinks is disturbing for many reasons.  Foremost is that these products have been marketed to the public as being safe for consumption.  If it is true that these products are in fact dangerous, the companies who produce them could be held liable under a products liability lawsuit.  People who are injured by an unsafe product could be entitled to compensation for their injuries including past and future medical costs, pain and suffering, lost wages and potentially punitive damages (punitive damages are a monetary award intended to punish the at fault party and deter others from engaging in similar behavior.  In cases where people have died as a result of unsafe products a wrongful death lawsuit could be brought on their behalf by their surviving family members.  That said, it appears premature to declare that these energy drinks are unsafe until all the facts are in.  Nevertheless, people wishing to avoid any potentially adverse medical reactions may wish to avoid these types of products altogether.  

People who have been injured by a dangerous product need the advice of an experienced products liability attorney.  If you or a loved one believe you have suffered adverse medical reactions as a result of energy drinks or dietary supplements, you may be entitled to compensation. Please do not hesitate to contact the attorneys at Connor & Connor Pllc today.  The attorneys at Connor & Connor Pllc are licensed to practice law before all Nevada state and federal courts. We serve clients from all socioeconomic segments of our community and we will fight to ensure that you receive compensation for your injuries. If you or a loved one has been injured by a bad product, contact one of the attorneys at Connor & Connor Pllc as soon as possible for a consultation.  Any delay could negatively affect your legal rights.  You may contact the firm through email at info@connorpllc.com or by phone at (702) 430-4614 or visit www.connorpllc.com. You may also visit the firm's Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/#!/ConnorConnorPllc.

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